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 Category: Advanced
 Title: Tender is the night
 Doll Artist: Stef from Italy   Profile / Articles / Webpage

 Medium: Cloth doll
 Description: Approx. 45 cm height, face and hands are handmade in terracotta.
Designer: the head is made from the Sherry Goshon pressmould "Gracie" the body and costume are original designs
Materials used for the dress are Art Nouveau ones (William Morris "Acanthus Leaves" for the dress, the skirt being inspired by Erté¹s "Deco Wavy Cicles, Black and White", and for the hat "Peacock Feathers-Rich Brown²).
Black feathers are on the neck, hat and belt. The belt is also made of 3 black zippers on the front, and 3 brown on the back: all six of them are half opened and sewed in order to give volume to the dress.
It is completed by black plastic leaves and a cascade of golden beads scattered around the waist.
Wrists are adorned with beads bracelets and gold beads rings are on one hand alone
 Inspirations: Inspired by F.S. Fitzgerald.
 Herstory: ...
 The Critics: Now, this is the doll as “Art”… . The unpainted terracotta of the face and hands might not appeal to everyone, but the beautifully crafted hands and face and the costuming are spot on.
The oh! so clever use of the zippers…would you have ever thought of it??? Didn’t think so! I would love to see close-ups of this doll.
The decidedly Oriental influence which was a highlight of this period is apparent in the almost “origami” drapes and folds.
It is a pleasure to see something really different, thank you Stef.

  All critics are by participant Sue Farmer if you want to learn what makes she write them please read her article: Where Angels Fear to Tread !!