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 Category: Advanced
 Title: Ezelda    {short description of image}
 Doll Artist: Pat Salon   Profile / Articles / Webpage

 Medium: ...
 Description: This Piece is needle felted...there is no paints used only fibers...28"

 Inspirations: ...
 Herstory: ...
 The Critics: I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like this (I have difficulty needle felting a few hairs into doll’s head!)
It is absolutely stunning – the rich colouring and elaborate headwear just left me open-mouthed. A real work of art.
Am I right in assuming that she is a stump doll? Just how long did it take you to make her?
Congratulations, Pat and thank you for showing us something really different.

  All critics are by participant Sue Farmer if you want to learn what makes she write them please read her article: Where Angels Fear to Tread !!