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 Category: Beginnner
 Title: Princess Zeka
 Doll Artist: Bonnie of Honolulu  Profile / Articles / Webpage

 Medium: The princess is an all cloth doll
 Description: This is the first doll I have designed
The Princess stands, sits or lays down on her elbows with one leg bent to show her fancy boots to best advantage.
She has orange & red seed beads forming a necklace fall with matching beads draping from the white faux fur loincloth.
The natural snakeskin forms sleeves with maatching trim on the leather laced boots.
Princess Zeka's cape is lined with red satin and red & black rayon drape.
The outer cape is Japanese silk trimmed with a panel of tan faux fur for winter warmth in her breif outfit.
 Inspirations: ...
 Herstory: ...
 The Critics: Well, good for you Bonnie! I suspect you are a closet dress-designer…
You chose to do a simple style of doll (always best when starting out with patterns) and I expect she will be a doll you will look back on with fondness as you develop your skills.
I can understand there might be problems photographing this kind of doll, as the features would pretty much disappear if taken face-on.
In this instance the doll has ended up taking second place to the fabric and fur. She needs to dominate the picture for best effect.
Since you described the clothing fully, could you perhaps have seated her and shown her close-up as well?
I’d like to have seen the boots and not just the cross-gartering, but they were hidden by the fabric.
I think I would also have preferred thicker hair that was in keeping with her clothes – perhaps even a small piece of the faux fur would have worked?
The red & black is an interesting fabric – bold but small print, good for dolls. Not really “a fashion doll” in the generally accepted term but she still gave me a lot of pleasure!

  All critics are by participant Sue Farmer if you want to learn what makes she write them please read her article: Where Angels Fear to Tread !!