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 Category: Intermediate
 Title: La Femme Dragon
 Doll Artist: Mary McNeely   Profile / Articles / Webpage

 Medium: Cloth doll with wire armature and beadwork
 Description: Designer Original OOAK doll .
La Femme Dragon is made out of Doe Suede and Stretch Lame materials. The body material has been lined with polycotton before sewing to keep it from running and stretching too much.
She has a full wire armature in her body so that she can stand and has been attached permenantly to the stand.
La Femme Dragon stands 17 1/2 inches tall with her stand and has a wingspan of 14 inches. Her wings are Black Stretch Lame with a wire armature that's been hand sewn to show the skeletal details of the wings. The construction of them took about 4 hours itself.
I've been designing the basic body for months to get it just right. Once I got the design just the way I wanted, I've been working for several weeks solid on making La Femme Dragon.

 Inspirations: I fell in love with some of the more outrageous designs from the Art Deco period and decided to give them a twist to make them my own.
 Herstory: ...
 The Critics: My first reaction was mild shock (not prudery, I assure you) she is just s-o-o Gothic!! As Mary says, this is a One of A Kind doll and with good reason.
The enormous amount of work that has gone into it plus the unusual and intricate design make this a doll that most of us would hesitate to tackle.
Mary’s vision as a designer has taken her down a road very different to the one most of us followed, which makes it difficult for me to comment. I’m most comfortable talking about costume but because the body covering is either flesh or black, we are obviously missing most of the detail.
Once again, I’d like to see some photos that show her off to better advantage (the wings sound intriguing ) but black is always difficult to photograph. While the flame background is absolutely fabulous, a lot of the head-dress has disappeared into the fabric design.
I’d also appreciate seeing a close up of the tail which there wasn’t room to show in the photos. The lightly needlescupted face with its dark eyeliner and beauty spot is most attactive and the breasts look so real!

  All critics are by participant Sue Farmer if you want to learn what makes she write them please read her article: Where Angels Fear to Tread !!