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 Category: Intermediate
 Title: Queen of Midnight Colours
 Doll Artist: Shashi   Profile / Articles / Webpage

 Medium: ...
 Description: The doll's body is made from Sherry Goshan's pattern Souline and the head from Patti Culea's pattern Audine.
  • Her body and shoes are painted with gold acrylic colour.
  • Skirt is made from silk organza and jacquard which is studded with crystals.
  • Jewellery is made from broken pieces of costume jewellery of mine.
 Inspirations: This doll was inspired by Erte's Bronze Sculpt called the 'Cabaret'
 Herstory: ...
 The Critics: I just fell in love with this little doll – don’t ask me why…maybe that “Mona Lisa” smile?
Shashi chose to keep to clean uncluttered lines, showing off the doll as well as the dress which, though it is quite simple, is enhanced by the fabric choice.
Her skirt drapes well, and the snug bodice is in keeping with the “sculpted” look. Notice also that Shashi has disguised the shoulder joins with little straps! I also like the “tilt” to the head – gives her a bit of character!
These photos show how important it is to have good light – in most photographs you would not have been aware that the silk organza has a “shot” effect. Well done, Shashi!

  All critics are by participant Sue Farmer if you want to learn what makes she write them please read her article: Where Angels Fear to Tread !!