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 Category: Intermediate
 Title: Glimmer in the Mist
 Doll Artist: Ronelle Shepherd   Profile / Articles / Webpage

 Medium: All cloth, with wire armature.
 Description: The basic body pattern is Patti Medaris Culea's Brandiberry and the idea for the shoes came from Phyllis Robinson's challenge doll...
so there has been a bit of altering, adjusting and redrawing...
the heels were built around a tube so she could be mounted on a fancy base a'la Erte'...

 Inspirations: "Glimmer in the Mist" is my represantaion of that shimmer of light, from beneath the mist, onto the lake at dusk
 Herstory: ...
 The Critics: Ronelle’s “Glimmer” – like Shashi’s doll is very sculptural - the lines have an almost Japanese feel to them – the use of solid stretches of fabric, as in the panne velvet wrap - which has been lined with, if not the dress fabric then something very close to it.
You’ve managed to keep her features in good proportion considering that the head shape is fairly round – this is an unusual style of head pattern that I’ve not seen before,
The only point I would query is the hair, which looks decidedly modern - the “waif or hedgehog” look (do our kids know it was also popular during the French Revolution, I wonder?). Was your choice influenced by the fibre being in the same colour family as the dress?
Ronelle, have some fun manipulating the fingers on her hands – you’ve managed to turn the fingers well, now they just need a little to help to look as natural as possible. (Erté’s pen and ink drawings have wonderful hands if you are stuck for ideas. One can twist the hands gently on the wrist (as you have done with her right hand) and make them so expressive!)
Also, a point to watch when taking photos – the nearest thing to the camera will look larger – hence the slightly oversized look to her left hand!
Otherwise, she is a delicate little dream of a doll, and anyone would be glad to own her!

  All critics are by participant Sue Farmer if you want to learn what makes she write them please read her article: Where Angels Fear to Tread !!