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 Category: Intermediate
 Title: Ms Erte' {short description of image}
 Doll Artist: Sue Farmer    Profile / Articles: Where Angels Fear to Tread !! / Webpage  
{short description of image}

 Medium: Doesuede
 Description: Designer of doll pattern: Patti-Anne Stanley's "Lady Sings..." with major adjustments
Each half Ms. Erte's clothing is one piece of lurex jersey fabric going from the cape centre back, round the shoulders, down the body and finally flaring out to cover the stand!
 Inspirations: ...
 Herstory: ...
 The Critics: Winner of People´s Choice and Best of Theme. Another Winner Sue!! Congratulations!!!
  All critics were made by Sue Farmer so we need somebody to critic her doll !!!
If you want to learn what makes she write this critics please read her article: Where Angels Fear to Tread !!