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 Subject: Profile
 Doll Artist: Alice C. W. Dennis
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 Updated: Aug 26, 2003

      I am self taught. I made my first doll as a gift for my oldest daughter for her first Christmas. (1970) My mother gave me a sewing machine, a book on how to sew and a doll pattern for Christmas, which we celebrated on Christmas. I went home, cut up some old clothes and a pillow and made the doll that night.
In 1984 I purchased Judy Mahlstedt's pattern EMILY. I have been making and selling that little doll (with Judy's permission) ever since. Through my success with EMILY I gained confidence to design my own dolls and experiment with different media.
I have dabbled with polymer clay off and on over the years but have never made a polymer clay doll until Lucille. I thoroughly enjoyed making her.
My booth has won awards at craft shows, but this is the first award I have won for an individual piece. I really did not believe she would fit into the challenge category and almost did not enter her. Sherry encouraged me to enter and just enjoy the process. I did (both)! .