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Goddess of Abundance

This is my version of the Online Class that Mary Tressler is teaching in

She´s unfinished but I thought that may like to take a look at her.

{short description of image}

{short description of image}


She´s made of Robe Velour . And needlesculpted using the directions given by Mary in the Online Class

I used pencils for creating her facial features

The hair is mohair, but she may need a hairdresser.

Beads form its heavy collar.



Please visit Mary Tressler´s Home page : Uncommon folk

I have a hard time dressing this doll because I liked her nude best LOL. but my teenager brother thought that "dolls don´t have nipples "and thought that I was sick . Give him a few years... LOL. Until them she may be getting a temporal detachable bra. 

{short description of image}

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