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This doll was made for Mary Tressler´s Spring challenge. The rules stated that her dress was to be made with  flowers (no fabric), some beads, and that rain was to be incorporated somehow. When   I received the pattern, I enlarged the .jpgs to fit a sheet of paper. While I was waiting for the pattern  I draw some drafts, and thought  about making her a Goddess, whose tears would create the rain


In this doll I used for first time an stretch fabric (Windsor Comfort). It was a bit hard to sew the hands, the first pair broke, but the second ones turned out well. When you stuff  you see the advantages of this kind of fabric.



Its “dress” is made cutting fabric flowers, and embroidering the steams.


For its jewels. I used beads and small nails used for scale ship construction.


For the headdress   I used some funky fabric and a piece of an old earring.




The earring is embellished with beads and a necklace chain, that goes to her hands.

The rain  that comes out from her eyes is made with plasticnails embellishments and naylon thread.


To  sculpt her face and body I used the instructions of Mary Tressler´s Home page : Uncommon folk

After she was born, she just went to a trip to her motherland India, where she is called Varunika. She sends us this picture with the promise of sending   a few more.  

Take care dear Varunika.

Here you can see another version of this pattern

Do you want to see more pictures of her?, To know when this site would be updated with some of Varunika´s friends? Or just want to share some ideas?

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