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 Title: Ms. OyL / Olive the FlaPPeR

Doll Artist: I03 Profile / Articles / Webpage

Medium:Cloth doll

Description: I used black cotton with sparkly netting (2 layers) gathered around the bottom of the mid-calf length dress. The "strapless" dress is seen through the top, which goes down to Olive's "hips". It is made of nylon dotted swiss: red raised dots on white nylon. She has a red trim "boa" at the neck, "flapper beads" made of crystal-webbed trim, and is wearing a headband of silver ribbed ribbon, with a Very large Ostrich feather as ACCENT*!! her shoes go on and off of her feet with sheer ribbon ties in back / they are deep blue cotton with tiny stars. !! (Cartoon characters are usually in primary colors!) --Olive herself is made of a cotton knit pillowcase fabric, turned inside out and painted with Apple Barrel flesh-tone craft paint. *The DoLL is ENTIRELY HAND-SEWN.* She is stuffed firmly with Poly-fil. Her face is painted. The hair is black cotton fabric, layered into a flapper cut, with 2 curls at the front (hard to see in photo). [Olive usually has a cartoon "bun" hair-do.]

Inspirations:She is a 15' Olive Oyl cloth doll (vintage cartoon character doll pattern) adapted to a 1920s era, with the Flapper look. This is actually historically accurate, in the sense that the original Sunday cartoon strip of Popeye, called "Thimble Theatre", started in the late 1920s. I did not find a cartoon with Oive Oyl in this outfit / I invented it, or created it in the colors Olive Oyl wears in her popular, well-known outfit.



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