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Challenges In Time:
2005 CIT - Japonism

Welcome to the 2005 CIT.
The 2005 CIT will have the theme of Japonism
There will be three sections

  • Reality: A section for those who like to costume and focus on historical accuracy.
  • Fantasy: A section for those who like to dream. You can be inspired by furniture / pictures/ jewelry and should focus on originality.
  • Artz: A section for those who run wild while dollmaking. Those paper, collage or recycled dolls would have their place this year.
    These sections will be maintained if at least one doll participates. If there are enough doll each section would be divided in Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced. Please include yourself in the advanced category if you are a professional, have won any Challenges or Ribbons or really "mastered this art". Also leave the beginners category to Real Beginners. We reserve the right to change a doll from one category to another that better fits it. We will have a Jury giving a virtual Blue Ribbon and also a People´s Choice award in each category. The doll must be completed before July 2005. You have to send me some pictures via email to or before the first of July. Please keep the picture less than 300 kb or contact me beforehand. If you don't have a scanner or digital cam email me and we will sort that out. Remember that the picture are the only information that the judges will have of your doll, so please try to make them great. There is a tutorial by Sue Farmer on the Files section of the Group dealing with taking better pics. Together with the pictures you may include some facts about the doll like size / medium / inspiration / herstory… Any medium dolls can enter the challenge.

  • Japonism
    Encyclopædia Britannica Article

    also spelled Japanism, French Japonisme, aesthetic cult that had a major impact on Impressionist painting. Japanism began in the mid-19th century, just after Japanese trade with the West was opened, and lasted for a generation in France and England. Japanism depended upon the careful study of imported works of Japanese art, usually recent popular prints (Ukiyo-e) rather than important older paintings.

  • [Japonism in Fashion]
  • Japonism
  • Paul Poiret Japonism
  • Art Study Guide Japonisme
  • Japonism - Van Gogh
  • Japonisme and Van Gogh
  • Elizabeth Keith
  • Paul Jacoulet
  • Claude Monet

  • Judges / Prizes
    We still have not formed the jury, and we are requesting some professional or advanced dollmakers to share some online time with us.
    If you think you qualify to be a judge and don´t mind spending some time with us please email me.
    If you want to donate some prizes please write me an email

  • Join the Yahoo Group.
    Do you want to be updated on the challenge?
    There we can talk about dolls, mainly focusing on the Challenge. Any questions will be answered there, and you´ll meet a wonderful group of dollmakers. Although this year it´s not mandatory to be a member of the Group in order to join the Challenge it may be the only way to keep track of any news.

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