An invitation:

Marta and Esther would like to invite you to join this collaborative project. The objective is to create a hanging quilt that will be auctioned to raise funds for the Tsunami Victims.

It will be a inspiring quilt to send a message of hope to those who have lost everything .

How can I participate?

To participate please create a 15 x 15 cm square (aprox. 6 inches square) out of a textile medium and embellish your contribution.

The square can be of fabric, wool, felt or something else that you can figure out.

Beads, threads, fabric manipulation, collage, quilt, transfer, paints... all mediums are welcomed.

You can to embroider the country of origin on their squares if you like.

You can see some blocks at

Who can participate?

This project is open to everyone. Please send your contribution in an envelope to the address below together with:

a) A small brief of yourself and your contact details.

b) A description of your contribution and the story behind it. What inspired you? Why did you choose that fabric? What message does it convey?

Please make sure your contribution is sent by the 15th February, 2005.

Marta Santiago Jimenez
c/General Alvarez de Castro 16 1A
Madrid 28010

What happens after that?

A compehensive website will be set up featuring the participating artists and their contributions as well as the progress of the quilt.

We are planning a PR campaign to promote the quilt and find a most suitable auction house to implement the auction.

All the money raise proceed to UNICEF

About us

Marta is a fiber artist in Spain and will be responsible for assembling the quilt and looking after the Tsunami Quilt Website.
Wabi Sabi Threads

Esther is a mother of two, who loves all things creative. Originally from Greece, she lives (and enjoys) the green and pleasant land of Northern Ireland. She will be looking after the PR of the Tsunami quilt, mainly in the UK.
All things creative

Why do you do this?
Because every little helps (popular saying).
Because it is better to give than to receive (From the Bible).
Because we make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give (Sir Winston Churchil).
Because nobody ever became poor by giving (Anna Frank).
Because we care (Marta, Esther, all of you ? we care).

Can you help?

If you would like to become part of our team we would appreciate your help.
Can you design a website?
Donate hosting for the website?
Illustrate? Look after PR in other countries?
Donate webbing for the quilt?
(any more ideas?)

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