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 2004 CIT - Art Noveau to Art Deco
    Do you know anybody who is not online but would like to join this challenge? Why don't you help him/ her/ them? You can post their pics and keep them updated.

  Do you know somebody that although not a dollmaker loves to work with fabric or this historical period? Maybe you can encourage them to participate.

  What about making this challenge your local club´s Spring Challenge?
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  Beaded Tassel Doll by Arley Berryhill
2003 CIT winner of Advanced Best Embellishment 
  Can you share something and donate a prize? Are you an advanced or professional dolmaker who wants to spend some time online judging the dolls? Can you write an article in a magazine? Even a non-doll magazine will work.

  We want to make this Challenge bigger, more dolls means more fun, and that's why we love making dolls. I need you to commit to the Challenge in order to make it happen.

  Please join this challenge and encourage others to participate

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